The Making of a Gown

choosing ribbons and trims

rough sketchs of the design

inspiration photos

working on the pattern

We’ve just started work on a new project here at the studio and we are very excited about it. One of our brides requested an 18th century gown for her wedding taking place on stage at Chicago’s Symphony Center and she was so gracious as to allow us to share the process on our blog. Right now we are gathering bits of trims and ribbons, pouring over historical fashion books and referring to movies like Marie Antoinette and Dangerous Liaisons for inspiration as well as working on the pattern for the first muslin fitting. We’ll be posting each stage of the process, design, pattern, muslins (which are mock-ups of the dress for fitting purposes) as well as the gown itself and all of the hand work that goes into embellishing it. Stay tuned to see this dress come to life!