Real Brides | Kelsey’s Wedding Video

Kelsey & Rob: A Tootsie Pop Love from Kevin Schmalandt on Vimeo.

We just received this wonderful video and testimonial from our bride Kelsey. We had such a good time working with Kelsey to make her dream wedding dress a reality. Congratulations and best of luck to you Kelsey!!

“Quit looking elsewhere and visit Alice Padrul Bridal Couture! I rarely give anyone the highest rating possible. However, I really cannot think of one negative thing about my experience with Alice and her team.

I had a very specific idea of what I wanted my wedding dress to be. After visiting what felt like every bridal shop in the Chicago area (I believe I went to 13 shops) and hearing over and over again that what I wanted did not exist, I became quite discouraged. Then I visited Alice. She was the first person who did not look at me like I had three heads when I told her that I wanted (all lace, taupe-colored silk lining, deep/open back, long sleeves). In fact, she kept saying that what I was envisioning would be beautiful! I wish that I had not wasted my time visited traditional bridal shops. Working with Alice was an incredible experience, one I looked forward to every time I flew into Chicago for a fitting. Her and her husband are the sweetest people you will ever meet and never failed to make me smile/laugh. Alice and Sviatlana adjusted my dress as per my requests, even as I went back and forth on some decisions. It was amazing to know who was making my wedding dress in a world where everything is mass-produced by people across the world (and probably under horrible conditions!). Every fitting was incredible- truly.

Films and popular media always portray the wedding dress experience as one that moves every woman to tears when she finds “the” dress. Let it be known that I shed only two tears during my dress search- and they were not a result of the dress itself (this is not to say that my dress was not perfect…I was/am obsessed with my dress- it was everything I wanted and a whole lot more; I am just not one to be moved to tears from a dress experience). Rather, I shed tears when I had to say goodbye to Alice and her husband Gene, for my mom and I will truly miss them (and their kind souls) dearly.”